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Deep Nuggets - the internet radio station with a difference!


If a song is good, the genre doesn't matter, from rock, jazz, blues, prog, punk, you'll hear your favorites as well as fantastic new artists.


Join us at the Greatest Radio Station at the End of the Universe - Deep Nuggets.


Latest News


The month of February is going to be exciting at Deep Nuggets Radio. First up, we have TWO new shows coming to our station!


Cody Brockway will be bringing his show "Brockway's Vinyl Bytes" to Thursdays at 8PM ET (5PM PT), starting Feb. 8!


Then, his fellow Canadian, Lorne Murphy, will be bring his show "Garden of Delights" to Saturdays at 5PM ET (2PM PT), starting on Feb. 10. Be sure to join their FB groups, and to tune for more fun and adventures with music.


In addition to the new shows, two shows that have been on break for a while are coming back this month. Lynn Hall will be spinning up the Soundstage once more Fridays at 8PM ET starting Feb. 2, so you can start dancing like a backup singer once more.


And finally, Bob Zorich will be firing up the Electrodynamic Time Tunnel for more trips through musical space and time, starting Wednesdays Feb 14 at 5pm ET.


See you there, and thanks again for listening, you are the best audience the Universe has ever seen!!

From brand new tracks that have just been released, to live jams from venues across the world, Deep Nuggets is the place to be!

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